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Where do we Stand Now?

Premiere Event

Join us Wednesday, July 28th at 7pm for the premiere of “WHERE DO WE STAND NOW?”

Last summer when protests started nationwide following the killing of George Floyd, BOOM Charlotte in partnership with BLKMRKTCLT, Charlotte is Creative and The Roll Up CLT created space for local artists to respond. It became the 3 part art showcase known as ACT:NOW.

Now that a year has transpired since the incident, action has been taken, protesters filled the streets, and society has been impacted in various ways  


BOOM Springboard

Awakening from Hibernation

VIRTUAL SPRINGBOARD Premiere: July 14th at 7pm on Youtube and Facebook.

On June 23rd we gathered a bunch of live and virtual performances, they performed for a small studio audience at Neighborhood Theatre, these incredible works were filmed and edited and will premiere for you tomorrow Wednesday July 14TH on Youtube and Facebook. Can’t make it on Wednesday? No worries, enjoy the show anytime. We are so excited to share the work of these amazing artists with you, virtually and we’ll be live in the comments to share in the excitement and hear your response.


Where do we Stand Now?

A Call to (Re) Create

George Floyd was killed a year ago today.
The haunting video of a life being choked out of a man sparked something unprecedented in a nation under lockdown from a pandemic and an economic downturn. The protests that started in Minneapolis spread world wide, and reached a scale and intensity never seen before in history.

As protests erupted nationwide BOOM Charlotte in partnership with BLKMRKTCLT, Charlotte is Creative and The Roll Up CLT asked the artistic community to respond. The response we received was overwhelming, and what was conceived as a single event grew into the 3 part Act:Now series. It featured a rich mix of visual art, poetry, film, dance, music and more, that captured some of the raw emotion and energy of the historic moment.


BOOM Echoes East

BOOM Echoes East Virtual Event

BOOM Echoes has now become an online experience. We have moved from activating a space in East Charlotte to bringing East Charlotte art, food, and culture into your home via your screen of choice.

BOOM Echoes East is a collaboration between BOOM artists and organizers, Our Bridge for Kids, Refugee Support Services and Charlotte EAST. Join us on Saturday Dec. 5th at 4pm EST to celebrate the artistry and diversity of East Charlotte in an interactive, virtual experience.


BOOM Forum Vol. 4: Telling Truth-Perspectives on Privilege in Storytelling

Privilege and the Stories We Tell

A conversation with True Lobster and Hannah Hasan led by Kevin Copeland

When we talk about social justice, we often talk about privilege. We acknowledge the ways that privilege takes up space by pushing aside experiences that do not fit the narrative of those in power; however, we do not often discuss the precise mechanisms which create this dynamic.

The reality is, truth and privilege have a deep and complex connection…




Our 3-part series showcasing artistic responses to the current moment concludes this Saturday at 4:00 with ~an hour long live event. And you wouldn’t want to miss this final Act, as we had saved some of the best for the last!

Before we get to the lineup, we want to express our deep gratitude to:




A big Thank You to the 1000+ of you who joined us live last Saturday for Act I. Part II of the series this Saturday will feature an equally diverse lineup of 14 artists/groups who have something beautiful and urgent to share. Once again the ~hour long live online event will include dance, film, music, multimedia, spoken word and visual art, by some of the best known artists of the region as well as some fresh new talent.

A Call to Create

BOOM Charlotte in partnership with BLKMRKTCLT, Charlotte is Creative and The Roll Up CLT invites you to respond to the current state of affairs with your art.

The environment for Black people in the United States has been at a state of tension throughout the nation’s history. In more recent times, video documentation of Black people losing their lives after encounters with those assigned to protect and serve have brought those tensions to a boiling point. The tension has overflowed into the streets all across the nation, and even far away overseas. The Black community and their allies are now coming together to make their voices heard against the status quo.

The Artist as a Servant Leader
A conversation with Jessica Moss
BOOM Forum Volume II

“…my responsibility as an artist is to work, to sing for my supper, to make art, beautiful and powerful, that
adds and reveals; to beautify the mess of a messy world, to heal the sick and feed the helpless; to shout bravely from the roof-tops and storm barricaded doors and voice the specifics of our historic moment.”

– Carrie Mae Weems

We live at a time when the saying “we live in interesting times” sounds like a gross understatement. Even outside of the uniquely extraordinary period we are currently in, this is a time of societal change at a global level. And as in all historic periods of great transformation, the arts embody and often predict the directions of such change. So what do we see happening in the art world now? What is the role of the artist in this world in flux?

BOOM in the Living Room

If you missed the live event, or want to revisit some of the great performances, scroll down to see videos of that day from several artists.

While we can’t meet in our outdoor living room, we invited you to join us online from yours. ON Saturday April 18th from 4-7pm we hosted our first online BOOM Intersection – BOOM in the Living Room: We invited the artists that were selected to be a part of BOOM 2020 to share their work with you live. We had you hopping from platform to platform (just like if you were running from Intersection to Open Door Studios and back again). Twenty-six artists/groups joined us on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube, Twitch, ZOOM and from their own websites.