BOOM Forum Vol. 4: Telling Truth-Perspectives on Privilege in Storytelling

Telling Truth: Perspectives on Privilege in Storytelling

A conversation with True Lobster and Hannah Hasan led by Kevin Copeland

When we talk about social justice, we often talk about privilege. We acknowledge the ways that privilege takes up space by pushing aside experiences that do not fit the narrative of those in power; however, we do not often discuss the precise mechanisms which create this dynamic.

The reality is, truth and privilege have a deep and complex connection. People with privilege are given the cultural power to determine which stories and experiences are deemed true, resulting in a system that reinforces existing inequalities and biases. This situation means that people in power tell stories which go unquestioned while people without access to power must constantly defend the truth contained in their stories.

To dismantle this oppressive system, we must collectively reimage how truth can be contained. We must address the implicit presence of oppressive ideologies within our personal and familial stories by developing our critical lens to find truth in many different storytelling approaches, spiritual practices, personal philosophies, and everyday conversations.

We ask ourselves and each other: What stories do we consider true? What type of stories do we value? How does metaphor and symbolism function to uncover reality or sustain illusions? Who determines the difference between fact and fiction? And what does it mean to tell the truth about our experiences?

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