BOOM in the Living Room

If you missed the live event, or want to revisit some of the great performances, scroll down to see videos of that day from several artists.

When: Saturday April 18th from 4-7pm
Where: Live on various media

While we can’t meet in our outdoor living room, we invited you to join us online from yours. ON Saturday April 18th from 4-7pm we hosted our first online BOOM Intersection – BOOM in the Living Room: We invited the artists that were selected to be a part of BOOM 2020 to share their work with you live. We had you hopping from platform to platform (just like if you were running from Intersection to Open Door Studios and back again). Twenty-six artists/groups joined us on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube, Twitch, ZOOM and from their own websites. In case you missed the live event we’ve collected videos from some of the artists to share with you. Enjoy!

  1. Art-In-Motion
  2. Bernadette Turnage with MufukaWorks
  3. Gamebreax
  4. Girls Rock Charlotte
  5. Lisette
  6. Mariot Valcin Jr.
  7. Mayor Talib
  8. Moving Spirits, Inc. & Mão de Pilão
  10. Watershed Dance Theatre

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BOOM Forum:

Saturday April 18th from 7-9pm
ZOOM: Register here for the LINK »

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We’re sitting down with artists Sarah Council, Breeze “I life this” the Poet and Janelle Dunlap to find out about their creative process and catch a glimpse of what they’ve been working on.

Presenting BOOM Forum:
Mind, Body & Society | How & Why I Create

How does art happen?
What sparks the act of creation? What is the process, the pathway, that an artist takes for them to arrive at the work that they then share with the world?

Normally what you see at BOOM is someone’s finished work. Now you can go behind the scenes, and interact with 3 accomplished Charlotte artists as they give us a little peek into what leads to their creations.

This Saturday, 4/18, starting at 7:00pm, three of the BOOM 2020 artists – a poet/performer, a dancer/choreographer, and a visual/social practice artist – will share a small sample of their work, a well as the thinking, motivation and aspiration behind that piece. Each of them will answer your questions, and we will conclude with a moderated discussion with them.

The Schedule:
7:00 – 8:30: Presentation and discussion with Breeze the Poet, Sarah Council and Janelle Dunlap.
8:30 – 9:00: Round Table moderated by Manoj Kesavan.

Breeze the Poet explores emotions, experiences and existence, love and loss, as poetry and performance becomes a tool for stripping away the layers of conceits and delusions, to bare the soul in all its harsh yet delicate rawness and beauty.

Sarah Council’s recent work focuses on the human body, the essential vehicle through which dance manifests; the lasting physical residues that life leaves on the body, its adaptations and transformations through hurt and healing. Movement becomes an intimate exploration and expression of that journey and of life itself.

For Janelle Dunlap art is a tool to interpret and analyze the society, and expose issues deeply ingrained in the very DNA of our city and culture. Art becomes a means for one to locate oneself in the world, and gives one the agency to try change it for the better.

Manoj P. Kesavan is the Founder/Exec. Director of BOOM. Years ago his cultural engagement in Charlotte had begun with starting a (bi)monthly discussion forum that aspired to create a space for a more insightful and critical understanding of contemporary art and culture. The forum was discontinued as the group and activities grew and evolved, culminating in BOOM. Sometimes things come full circle in unexpected ways and circumstances.

This will be a free interactive Zoom event with limited attendance: please sign up soon via Eventbrite (link above) and we will send you the link to join in. Keep in mind that Zoom will automatically cut off admission once it reaches capacity, so please make sure that you are there at 7:00 sharp or a little earlier. The “doors open” at 6:50pm. Email with questions.