Where do we Stand Now?

Where Do We Stand Now?

Premiere Event

Join us Wednesday, July 28th at 7pm for the premiere of "WHERE DO WE STAND NOW?"

Last summer when protests started nationwide following the killing of George Floyd, BOOM Charlotte in partnership with BLKMRKTCLT, Charlotte is Creative and The Roll Up CLT created space for local artists to respond. It became the 3 part art showcase known as ACT:NOW.

Now that a year has transpired since the incident, action has been taken, protesters filled the streets, and society has been impacted in various ways. On the first anniversary of Floyd's death we once again teamed up to ask: Where do we stand now - as a nation, as a community, as artists living and creating at a unique time? And once again artists responded, in brilliant and powerful ways, through dance, film, poetry and more.

Join us on Wednesday (7/28) at 7:00 pm on Youtube and Facebook. to see the work of: