Umayal Annamalai Umayal Annamalai, Umayal Art LLC

Umayal Annamalai, Umayal Art LLC

Umayal Annamalai, Umayal Art LLC

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Umayal Annamalai, Umayal Art LLC –
New Voices Showcase
“Kolam – Painting prayer:” Visual Art

Kolam Art is a sacred devotional South Indian floor art. It is a way of life beautifully designed by our ancestors. To help us stay connected with Mother nature and a way of showing our gratitude and generosity to all beings. Simple dots and lines represent the infinite cycles of birth in to infinite figure eights.


Artist Umayal Annamalai is a self taught mixed media expressionist. Growing up in India amongst the bright colors and culture influenced her to express her cultural connections in her art. she has strived to spread hope and positivity through her artwork. She employs bright and bold colors to help people heal their suppressed negative emotions and find their voice.

She believes in intentional and intuitive art to heal the mind and connect with your soul. Intuitive expressions helped her to transform her consciousness to be more mindful. She uses her Emotions( energy in motion) as fuel to create beauty and grace in the world. Devotional art practices create momentum and help to merge with the creative flow. Devotion is the Love you bring when you keep returning to the unknown possibility. She infuses life force energy in to each of her pieces to show the Love and experience of Life. These images transmit energy and feelings to heal your soul and remember who you are.

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Showing at: Boileryard – Intersection Stage
Show Time: Saturday, 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Admission is FREE