Mariot Valcin Mariot Valcin Jr./G.M. Productions, LLC.

Mariot Valcin Jr

Mariot Valcin Jr./G.M. Productions, LLC

BOOM Performance:
Mariot Valcin Jr./G.M. Productions, LLC. – SPEAK Showcase
“Killing Ourselves:” Theatre

“Killing Ourselves” is an autobiographical account about a traumatic childhood experience which shifts a perspective on the identity of antagonism.


A playwright, filmmaker, and author, Mariot Valcin Jr. is ready to take the creative world by storm. Mariot believes in the words of James Weldon Johnson in which he quotes from the Book of American Negro Poetry, “The final measure of the greatness of all people is the amount and standard of the literature and art they have produced.” It is Mariot’s desire to leave his artistic imprint on the world.


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Showing at: SPEAK Showcase: Dupp and Swat
Show Times:
Friday, 6:00 – 7:00pm
Saturday, 8:30 – 9:30pm