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“The Hip-Hop Picasso Experience:” Music

KARISH & VADIM is a strong and original duo that will entertain and captivate all senses with their amazing musical energies and vibes.


KARISH & VADIM is a very dynamic Rumba Flamenco Duo from Charlotte, NC. Both of Romani origin, the musicians show unique chemistry on stage which makes their performances delightful and powerful. Both Karish and Vadim are professional musicians with more than 25 years performing experience.

Internationally famous as the “king of the seven-string guitar,” Vadim has toured with Madonna and other renowned international artists. Vadim’s main influence is European Romani music.

Karish is a highly trained privileged vocalist who has toured and performed for the international “Aqua Circus,” Corporate Galas, Five-Star Hotels and festivals in Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

KARISH & VADIM is a perfect combination that is comfortably fluent in many genres and languages.Their primary genres are World Music, Pop Flamenco, Jazz, Ballads, Pop, R&B, Classical. The lyrics of their songs are in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic and Romani.

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Showing at: Living Room Stage
Show Time:
Friday 4/21, 7:00 – 7:25pm