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Kareesh Forreal, Photo by Forreal Productions, Rickland Young

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Kareesh Forreal has been labeled the ultimate performer. She is an amazing vocalist and writer notable by the industry’s elite in various music genres. Kareesh has toured internationally requested by some of industry legends or upcoming stars in visual and performing arts. Kareesh is now also well on her way to being a multi-media mogul as the voice and face of Results No Hype Magazine, Inked a multifaceted partnership with RadiopushersTV. You also can find her on Miami Da Blaze and multiple podcasts. She is respectfully known as a curator and consultant in independent artists and the fashion industry. Kareesh is also a philanthropist dedicated to rejuvenating challenged communities via supportive services or transformation with owners/developers nationally. Kareesh starred in Quarantine Relationship, What’s Your Chocolate web series, and multiple works of films with over 1.5 million views.


Whether it was breaking numerous track and field records in high school and college or afterwards when Kareesh discovered her singing voice in the church while performing and writing plays, she infuses her creations with her passion for the arts. Throughout her career, Kareesh’s talents have afforded her the opportunities to perform worldwide with mainstream artists in various genres, to being lead in film(s) with over 1 million views to being a multifaceted writer/director in visual/live show production.

Kareesh Forreal can also be found in concert performing from her her latest single, “I Want It All.” When not performing her music on stage, the multi talented artist is a radio personality/podcaster on 88.7XM, or Results No Hype Magazine. Kareesh uses her platform of hosting and producing KultureBuzz, multiple shows, and Zeuway Entertainment. She uses her platform as a Philanthropist and educator, both locally and globally. Kareesh is set to star or be in multiple films debuting on international platforms

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Showing at: Beach Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/23 4:00 – 4:30pm