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Kate Bankston, Photo by Kelly Keely

BOOM Performance:
Kate Bankston –
“Cry A Little:” Music

This is the first comprehensive performance of the debut album “Cry A Little” that was recorded in 2020 and released in 2021. Keys and vocals drive the show with strong support from an incredible rhythm section. The themes cover everything from the psychology of waiting for what seems like the impossible in “Waiter Waiter Elevator” to dealing with components of the #metoo movement in “Jackie” and hoping for brighter days in “Outta My Shoes”. This compilation of original work will have you dancing and dreaming right along.


Kate Bankston is a musician and songwriter from Columbia, SC. The songs from her debut album, “Cry A Little” are full of dynamic vocals, catchy arrangements, and lyrics that will keep you singing along after the show. Her style has been compared to Norah Jones, Lake Street Dive, and Carol King. Kate mixes and moves through genres like pop, jazz, and folk boldly with her background as a pianist and vocalist driving the direction of her songs.

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Showing at: Birdsong Brewing Co. (1016 Davidson St.)
Show Time:
Wednesday, June 7, 6 – 7pm

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