Breanne Breanne

BOOM Performance:
Breanne –
“Whaaa Hoo Wei:” Dance/Stage Performance

“Whaaa Hoo Wei” is a perspective of how visceral sound aids mental and physical movement. It plays with sound, space, and emotions surrounding trauma healing and imposter syndrome. It is a 7 hour sight specific movement installation designed for BOOM CLT audiences. There are 3 soundscapes that can be accessed through QR codes posted within viewing distances of the work. Audience members are invited to listen to all or none of the sounds whenever they wish and share their thoughts.


Breanne has feelings, thoughts, and experiences that are human- perhaps even similar to yours. She chooses to express her observations of the human collective, and her individual, lived experiences (and research) through physical movement. She believes the relationship between the exhibited art and the viewer is one so intimate that it cannot be guided with rules. What you see and feel when you experience art of any kind is yours, and cannot be wrong.

Please share your thoughts about any of the sounds, sights, and feelings that you have during this piece. You can access 3 different soundscapes and a place to share through the QR code provided on the butterfly flyers. The way time and perception dance with each other today will be your experience and, hopefully, her gift to you.

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Showing at: Near the Pergola at the top of the Boileryard
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/28, 12:00 – 4:00pm