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Wingspan Dance

Wingspan Dance, Photo by Dick Costa

BOOM Performance:

Wingspan Dance –
“I suppose we are here now:” Dance

“I suppose we are here now” combines the happiness dance brings to a community, even when foundational things are so far away and things aren’t always planned and coming to terms with being here in the moment despite what has happened in the past. The piece is a collaboration with Wanda Ebright and the dancers. It’s an insightful and strategic piece in ways that are community focused, personal, and authentic. We have to move forward, even in small steps, and with our language of dance it needs to be expressed.

This dance is composed of 4 women who have struggled and survived from various backgrounds. This piece is to be enjoyed and felt, and we hope it will give you peace. Everything is gonna be okay!


Sarah Barnard has been making dances her whole life. She works within ballet, modern, and fusion vocabulary. Since 2011, she has worked with Charlotte dancers including The Wanda Project, Kinetic Works, Camerin Watson, and various grassroots and larger companies in the area. Sarah currently lives in Madison, WI, where she teaches 4K, teaches dance at local studios and directs both the Charlotte group and the Madison group of dancers. She has been the Artistic Director of Wingspan Dance since 2012. Wingspan Dance is made up of adult dancers in Charlotte, NC, & Madison WI. Wingspan strives to bring authentic dancing to audiences and give space for the adult dancer to thrive.

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Showing at: Boileryard – Intersection Stage
Show Time: Saturday, 1:30 – 1:40 pm
Admission is FREE