Michael Grant Michael Grant/KA’Zen, AKcUracy

Michael Grant

Michael Grant/KA’Zen, AKcUracy, Photo by Steve Nash (@noirjezus)

BOOM Performance:

Michael Grant/KA’Zen, AKcUracy –
“The elite: high elevation :” Visual Art

Michael will create a live painting.


Michael Grant Aka KA’Zen is a multimedia artist who produces high-quality, thought-provoking images that challenges viewers to think outside the box. He has been painting for seven years and works primarily with acrylic and spray paint. His artwork has been featured in galleries such as the Vander Plas Gallery in Manhattan and has painted murals in Charlotte’s West End neighborhood and the Advent Center.

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Showing at: Raceway
Show Time: Saturday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Admission is FREE