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RoyalCity LiF brings emotion, energy and the unexpected while performing. His show is a journey through varying concepts and levels to keep audiences pulled in. The mission is to connect with the audience while focusing on telling a story through the words, presence and music. LiF is a balance of intensity and composure while being unapologetically creative through the Hip Hop culture


LiF (pronounced Leaf) or Royal City LiF (Khalif J. Guiden) is a rapper-producer based out of Charlotte, NC. His sound has been coined as NEW.GOLD as he is the perfect bridge between the highly respected gold era of Hip Hop and the new age bounce. He incorporates style, lyrical content and catchy melodies with the hunger and love he has for his craft. His craft is evident in his music and performance which is fueling with success.

Quickly rising in the next wave of artists and producers, LiF has been focused on working the hardest and staying consistent in his upcoming releases. Stay tuned for what he has to offer in stores.

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