THE DANCE CLOSE UP - Rocky Little Rocky Little ROCLIGHT

Rocky Little ROCLIGHT

BOOM Performance:
Rocky Little ROCLIGHT –
“ART Like You’ve Never Seen Before!” Visual Art

I will create a live painting titled…”Feelings of Today”capturing the BOOM experience engaging the audience with one question, one word…”How do you feel today?” I’ll add it to my collage of feelings of the day!


I’m a Charlotte-based modern abstract artist. I find inspiration in the use of sacred geometry and light languages. You’ll find my pieces are full of characters from the unseen universe. I create from the shapes I see every day, so there’s never a shortage of content. I sometimes find inspiration from current events, but oftentimes find them too dark. I find my power in the LIGHT. RocLight is my brand, philosophy, who I am. I want to bring light to every dark space in the world.

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Showing at: Visual Art Booth
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22, 3:15 – 5:15pm