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Phoenix Down RPG, Photo by Chris Rodarte and Eric Snoza

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Phoenix Down RPG –
“Name That Tune: Video Game Music Performed Live!” : Music

“Oooh, I know that tune — wasn’t that the music that played on repeat when I was stuck farming in the dungeon?” Show off your video game music knowledge with our interactive game show! Audiences will enjoy a fusion of classical music and retro video game music while guessing the game, title, and composer. Rounds are arranged in progressive difficulty from Easy to Expert, so there is truly something for everyone with which to reminisce. There’s even a special prize for the grand champion! Our trio of musicians are all highly trained local artists and perform with orchestras around Charlotte including the Charlotte Symphony, Opera Carolina, Rock Hill Symphony, Union Symphony, and more.


Engaging, dynamic, and innovative, Phoenix Down RPG challenges the boundaries of Classical Music by bringing music into communities in unconventional settings. The ensemble specializes in alternative classical music, new music, and geek chic.

A favorite at pop culture conventions, Phoenix Down RPG arranges and performs music from retro video games and nerdy culture with classically infused flair. The ensemble has performed and presented panels at Ohayocon, Rathacon, CinCityCon, GDEX, and was a featured guest of Origins/GDEX in 2022.

Additionally, Phoenix Down RPG strives to bring classical music influence into nerd culture by composing and recording albums of tabletop gaming music, such as Dragon Ballad Volumes I, II and III. Our tabletop gaming music tracks have been described as ranging from “quirky hip-hop to foot-dragging zombie-paced dirges and medieval pastiches that recall the work of early 1970’s English folk outfit Amazing Blondel.” In January 2019, the ensemble unleashed its latest thrilling performance of combining live tabletop gaming with interactive and improvisatory music at conventions and community performances.

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Showing at: Dupp and Swat
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/23 7 – 8pm

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