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BOOM Performance:
Patrice & Friendz –
“Poetry to Music: Peace x Love x Connection:” Spoken Word/Music/Interactive

“Peace x Love x Connection” is a poetic and musically guided experience that takes travelers through powerful intention setting through engaging activities purposefully curated to let their inner child come out to play.


Patrice N. Wilson (she/her/they/them/he/him) is an educator, writer, language enthusiast, spoken word artist and creative, from Charlotte, N.C. Patrice loves to write and create and believes the power of creativity. They believe the expression of it is underrated. Patrice practices their power of creativity and expression to foster community, growth, healing and understanding.

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Showing at: Birdsong Brewing Co. (1016 Davidson St.)
Show Time:
Wednesday, June 7, 7 – 8pm

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