Nunweiler & Sovetts Dance Alexandria Nunweiler & Ashlea Sovetts

Alexandria Nunweiler and Ashlea Sovetts

Alexandria Nunweiler & Ashlea Sovetts Dance, Photo by Meghann Padgett

BOOM Performance:
Alexandria Nunweiler &
Ashlea Sovetts – MOVE Showcase
“10 Recalling-20:” Dance

10 Recalling-20, a duet based on interviews from ten individuals spanning ages 4 to 85, weaves a crosshatch of the American experience in crisis and the reconnection of society. Capturing the lives and stories told, the piece reflects the roller coasters we all ride including the despair, the isolation, the chaos, the love, and the light.


Described by Dance Informa as “grace with power,” dance duo Alexandria Nunweiler and Ashlea Sovetts foster work in storytelling, daily life experiences, and community building. After meeting during their undergraduate years and dancing together abroad in Sorrento, Italy, they reconnected through the wonders of Zoom to create an ongoing collaboration that spans the east coast from Myrtle Beach to Boston. They now curse, cry, laugh, and ultimately roll around on stage for money.

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Showing at: MOVE Showcase: Camp North End Event Space
Show Times:
Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30pm
Saturday, 7:00 – 8:00pm