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Myrts Son, Photo by Shawn Falls

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Myrts Son –
“Divine Intervention: An Immersive Psychedelic Experience:” Music

“Divine Intervention: An Immersive Psychedelic Experience” is a Hip Hop album created by Myrts Son, based on a series of Psychedelic trips he took to help him find his confidence again after beating depression. He’s bringing the Hip Hop experience live to stage with the colors and visuals of a psychedelic trip, along with the vulnerable conversation and emotions that come along with it. These conversations will be held by two actors, portraying Myrts Son and his sitter during the time on these trips. The music and the in-depth dialogue will not only make you feel like you’re on this trip with him, but you’ll feel propelled to take your own Journey within to find your light.


Myrts Son is a Hip Hop artist born and raised in Charlotte, NC. With five albums and a host of singles, his art is mostly from an introspective view. After battling and defeating depression, he felt it was necessary to put the lessons he learned from it into his music. His hope is to turn the listener inward to focus on self, so they can find their own light to shine to the world. When you see Myrts Son perform, he brings that same energy along with him. The way he connects with the crowd and makes everyone in the room feel connected to the experience, is what makes him a captivating performer and artist. Myrts Son’s music is available on all streaming platforms.

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Showing at: Hex Coffee
Show Times:
Friday, 4/21 8:30 – 9:30
Saturday, 4/22 7 – 8pm
Sunday, 4/23 5:30 – 6:30pm + Post Show Q & A

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