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Mo Pirella, Photo by Mo Pirela Photographer

BOOM Performance:

Mo Pirela – “Not a Niche:” Spoken Word

“Not A Niche” is a piece that explores the concept of nicheing-down and QTBIPOC experience of the term. To Mo Pirela, both of the terms discussed throughout the piece, niche & monolith, seek to minimize the potential of the marginalized and/or compact us into palatable beings, businesses, or existences.

Her poem seeks to challenge that thought and encourage authenticity and wholeness from the QTBIPOC community. This poem seeks to evoke the honoring and sharing of all of onesselves, as opposed to minimizing themselves into one thing or feeling forced to embody stereotypes that are often perpetuated onto marginalized community members.


Mo Pirela is a poet, advocate, and entrepreneur based in Charlotte, NC. She writes, performs, and has founded an advocacy-based brand called Solidarity&Co. She is originally from New Bern, NC, a small coastal city, and channels her humble beginnings into powerful poetry pieces that explore an array of social issues and life experience.

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Showing at: Boileryard — Intersection Living Room
Show Time: Saturday, 7:00 – 7:10 pm
Admission is FREE