Marwa Alqatari Marwa Alqatari

Marwa Alqatari , Photo by Marwa Alqatari

BOOM Performance:
Marwa Alqatari –
“Unfinished — Series of Original Poems:” Poetry

Marwa Alqatari performs two to three original poems. She often writes about love, grief, and the myriad of emotions and experiences she goes through, some of which are about her experience as an immigrant.


Marwa Alqatari is a Saudi American published poet and artist here in Charlotte, NC, to share a few of her original pieces, some of which she hasn’t performed before.

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Showing at: Living Room Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/28, 2:00 – 2:10pm

Showing at: Corner of Keswick and Camp Rd. (In front of Seamingly Overzealous Ice Cream)
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/28, 3:30 – 3:45pm