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BOOM Performance:
La Casa de la Cultura –
“Afro Latinx Diaspora:” Multidisciplinary

Guatekes is a great multidisciplinary performance, which contemplates delighting the audience with ancestral Afro-Latinx traditions specifically from the Venezuelan, Perú, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Honduras. The rhythms that will star in the performance are of Afro-indigenous descent, with a certain European influence, thanks to the result of the miscegenation of our people. We will dance and sing wearing traditional costumes that today are used for cultural celebrations in those different countries. Our audience that night needs to be prepared to see something never seen before.


At La Casa de la Cultura we have the purpose of promoting and strengthening pride in our roots, traditions and ancestry, everything that defines us as individuals of a particular region or country. The doors are open so that any culture, tradition or customs are promoted and that it is known where we come from and those things that are part of our identity.

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Showing at: Main Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/27, 5:30 – 5:55pm