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BOOM Performance:
Joseph Gallo – “Joseph Gallo:”

Join the Boom Festival with Joseph Gallo as he performs acoustic versions of his original music.


When searching for pop songs with hints of rock elements, Joseph Gallo delivers catchy tunes, high vocals, and a driving rhythm to sing and dance along. His upcoming album “Grand Opening” is a statement on moving forward from trauma and finding self-realization. The positive undertones still hang on to the vulnerability of experiencing trauma and making intentional and thoughtful decisions to move forward from it in a healthy way.

Joseph recorded his debut album “Roaring 20’s” while he was in a state of uncertainty. Having graduated from college in 2020 and feeling static in his journey amidst the pandemic, his drive was nonetheless unwavering. The title of the album showcases how he envisioned the up-and-coming years panning out. Channeling a mixture of innate positivity, love, optimism, and faith, came the album that sparked his career.

All the music that Joseph writes and continues to release is through a funnel of emotion, streaming passion, and emulating relatability. Dancing amongst friends and family is what makes the good times happen, and Joseph will always strive to add to that playlist.

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Showing at: Main Stage
Show Time:
Sunday 4/28, 1:15 – 1:45pm