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BOOM Performance:
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Music/Dance/Visual Art

Imagine the intersection of EDM, marching band, art film animation, spooky haunted house sound effects — with an interlude of Classical Indian Dance — and you’ll get somewhat close to the surround-sound, multimedia event hosted by UNC Charlotte’s Digital Art Center! We call this performance experience, “dys/connect,” where we explore a fusion of digital arts with live and electronic music made visible through dance and projections of imagery and imagination. This 30 minute, multimedia showcase features students and faculty from the College of Arts and Architecture at UNC Charlotte.


The mission of the Digital Arts Center (D+ARTS) of the College of Arts + Architecture is to foster transformative uses of digital technology in the arts to improve community partnerships; accessibility; equity; intra-college dialogue; and diverse student and faculty research that is local, national, and international in scope and partnerships.

Since the founding of the College of Arts + Architecture, D+ARTS has become a lively venue for collaborative, multi-disciplinary activity across the College. D+ARTS projects have included digital fabrication, urban visualization, responsive environments, multidisciplinary performance, creative exploration of new technologies. D+ARTS was originally called the Digital Design Center and was founded by Professor of Architecture Eric Sauda. Today D+ARTS is directed by Associate Professor of Music Jessica Lindsey.

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Showing at: 201 Camp (Free)
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/23, 4:00 – 5:00pm
FREE Indoor Performance