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DanSeries Collective, Photo by Savannah Jenkins

BOOM Performance:
DanSeries Collective –
“DOC UP | POP UP:” Dance

“DOC UP | POP UP” is a durational performance series that presents dance to the public in unexpected locations, always involving a cooler, a chair, a speaker, and Doc Martens. Originally occurring in various public locations in Greensboro, NC, this iteration is a synthesis of all DanSeries Collectives’s pop-up performances, fused into one, longer durational traveling performance in 3 parts.


Caitlyn Schrader and kt williams join forces under the moniker DanSeries Collective. While they are attracted to challenging modes of traditional classifications, they make work that explores how dance intersects with other disciplines through immersive platforms, making dance visible in unexpected, public spaces. They find kinship through their curiosity around how art, specifically dance, is both crafted and considered. Together they collect voices, ideas, and experiences to create the source material which nourishes their process, resulting in a “series” of products.

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Showing at: Pop-Up Location
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22, 5:00 – 6:00pm