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Charlotte Cultural Collective –
“All Nite:” Dance

Charlotte Cultural Collective’s fifth season is narrated by a theme. This year is the year of the ‘Heroin(e)’. We’ll explore the Black femme body and its relationship with the world. Both our fusion and think pieces will deal with the exploitation and adoration of Black women’s bodies.

‘Heroin(e)’ is the think piece that is equal parts tantalizing and provocative. We encourage our audience to become voyeurs and to sit with the mixed feelings of watching Black femme bodies move in their vernacular. This is a collaborative work with director/choreographer LCritt and her ‘creatives’.

‘All Nite’ is a fusion piece that is an original ‘Urban Blends’ choreography by LCritt that will have you dancing to the sounds of Janet Jackson; the original queen of the night. Charlotte Cultural Collective encourages their audience to have fun with this light hearted, high energy showcase of Brazilian and Black dances.


Charlotte Cultural Collective is a public dance troupe based in Charlotte, North Carolina that was first founded as a solo project in 2018 by director and founder, Lorraine Crittendon.

LCritt is a local Dance Professional and Dance Educator who has been serving the Queen City since obtaining her B.A. in Dance from UNC Charlotte in 2012, and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Dance Education from UNC Greensboro (2025). She was recently elected ‘Teacher of the Year’ for her efforts and contributions as a public school Dance Educator.

Charlotte Cultural Collective, or C3, began its first official season as a dance troupe in 2019 with their own original dance stylings known as ‘Urban Blends’; a cultural collection of Black Diasporic dances in a fun funky fusion. Each year we present a fusion piece and a think piece for our seasonal choreographies in addition to our cultural demonstrations of Afro Blends, Latin Blends, and Brazilian Blends.

C3 recruits dance enthusiasts and professionals alike who desire to expand their movement vocabulary and explore Black diasporic dances. Our ‘cr3atives’ have a range of dance experiences and skills; that all contribute to the unique flavor of our ‘Urban Blends’.

Charlotte Cultural Collective’s mission is to be a platform for Black femme voices through culturally relevant movements that speak to past, present, and future.

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Showing at: Main Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/27, 8:35 – 9:00pm