Brittney S Harris Brittney S. Harris – Undesired Mess Showcase

Brittney S. Harris

Brittney S. Harris, Photo by Ashton Sotiro

BOOM Performance:
Brittney S. Harris –
“Being B.A.D. :” Theatre/Dance

This artist is a part of the Undesired Mess Showcase.

Undesired Mess Showcase

Embodying creative resistance against oppressive gender stereotypes and domestic violence, “Being B.A.D.” is a piece about personal acceptance and redemption from the cycle of abuse. This show explores the lengths to which one decides to take that power back after years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her family and romantic partner.


Brittney S. Harris, M.F.A. is a director and playwright from Norfolk, Virginia. She’s an Assistant Professor of Theatre Performance at Old Dominion University. Her primary background is in Race and Performance, Solo Performance Development, Activist Theatre, and Cultural Enrichment for Community Engagement. Brittney’s catalog plays, projects, and workshops explore the adverse effects of vicarious trauma in social media on the personal psyche. Specific topics explored, but not limited to, are Racial Injustice, Mental Health Awareness, Gender Equality, and Domestic Violence Awareness.

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Showing at: 201 Camp Suite 107
Show Times:
Friday, 4/21 7 – 8pm
Saturday, 4/22 4 – 5pm + Post Show Q & A
Sunday, 4/23 1 – 2pm

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