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Breanne Horne: Performance Art

Breanne Horne’s focus as an artist experiments within the realms of visual art, sound, and movement with the intention of affecting the way the participants experience the world around them, if even only for a moment. 

As an alumna from UNCSA, Breanne lives in the Charlotte area by way of Winston-Salem, Los Angeles, and Columbia, South Carolina.  She believes that art should be accessible to all people for the purposes of expressing subconscious experiences and trauma, providing healthy spaces for all people to become their best selves. She is currently collaborating with Michael Goodman of Modesto,California, and Rozalind MacPhail of Newfoundland, Canada (respectively) for performances beginning in the fall of 2018, as well as continuing her education into the scientific study of physical therapy

BOOM Performance: “Marge”

“Marge” is an installation performance art piece that was inspired by a field of purple weeds and the poem “For Strong Women,” by Marge Piercy. The poem is read beautifully by Amanda Rentschler and Parker Goldsborough, the orchestral music was written by Modest Mussorgsky and sampled from his opera ” Boris Godunov,” and these pieces were engineered by Breanne Horne. The sound is optional for the passers by, and can be found on four disc-men around the piece. The commentary is on the slow and arduous task that is creating social change through time, and especially in a society enraptured in lust for instant gratification. Please share your thoughts and interpretations on the paper provided as desired. 

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Showing in front of: Animal Hospital
 (1909 Commonwealth Ave.)
Show Time:
Saturday, April 21
2:00 – 6:00 pm
Admission is FREE