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Aisha Belly Dance “Cairo Cabaret”

BOOM Performance:
Aisha Belly Dance “Cairo Cabaret”: Dance

Ms. Aisha will perform “Cairo Cabaret,” a set dedicated to the classic, multi-part belly dance show. All set to the music of the Middle East, this show will take audience members from delightful beginnings, emotive in-betweens and an energetic finale. In this show one will see elements of classic belly dance, fun props and folkloric styles from the lands of origin.


Aisha Cannon is a Charlotte-based dancer and teacher who has been studying and performing belly dance for 13 years. Her teachers include the Salimpour School of Dance based in Bay Area, CA, and the Bellyqueen School of Dance in NYC.

Ms. Cannon has performed in major dance productions including the 2015 NYC cast of Francesca Pedretti and Alice Giampieri’s La Divina Commedia; Bellyqueen’s 2016 Milan, Italy, cast of Journey Along the Silk Road; and a part of CONTRA-TIEMPO’s community cast in their Charlotte showing of joyUS justUS in November 2019. Aisha has also performed with MufukaWorks Dance Company, and is currently a member of NC Brazilian Arts Project — other artists with BOOM.

In addition, Aisha has performed with live bands at Kaeshi Chai’s weekly dance and music events and has participated in haflas with New York’s top and up and coming dancers. In 2017, Aisha received her certificate of completion for the Bellyqueen 40-Hour Teacher Training. And she is currently studying at UNC Charlotte to become certified and be able to teach K-12 dance.

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