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As protests erupted nationwide following the killing of George Floyd, BOOM in partnership with BLKMRKTCLT, Charlotte is Creative and The Roll Up CLT asked the artistic community to respond. And once again we were humbled and overwhelmed by the quality, depth, diversity and sheer volume of entries that we received. What was conceived as a single event grew into a Three Act series. Each Act incorporated a mix of visual art, literary art, poetry, film, dance, and music. Experience ACT : NOW for yourself. Explore the videos below.

Tip the Creatives from Act III

PayPal: Poetrybluz@gmail.com
CashApp: $Mrbluz

Ali Steele – Music
Cashapp: $ethnicbyali89

Alvin C. Jacobs Jr. – Visual Art

Hannah Hasan – Spoken Word
Donate on cash app or Paypal using hannahhasan@gmail.com

Janelle Dunlap, R. Bowens and HNin Nie – Dance 
Reba Bowens – $Rebbs3
Janelle Dunlap – $janelledunlap
HNin Nie – $HNinNie

Jazmine McFadden Art– Visual Art
Cashapp: https://cash.app/$JMcFaddenART

Moving Spirits Inc. – Dance
Cash app: $Tamaraladonna 

Natalie Chanel– Visual Art

odriewgO – Visual Art

Poet – Spoken Word
Cash app: $StarrSeward

Red Calaca Studio– Visual Art
Cash app – $RosaliaWeiner

SWATS– Music
Cash app: $SWATSGBX 

This Black Girl Paints 2 – Visual Art
Venmo @Christina-Franc Cash App $MrsFranc

The Roll Up CLT featuring: 
Ashley Nickens – Literary Arts 
Kia O. Moore – Literary Arts 
Paypal: paypal.me/therollupclt

Tip the Creatives from Act II

– PayPal: Poetrybluz@gmail.com
– Tip Bluz with CashApp: $Mrbluz

Asa Kryst
– Tip Asa with Venmo: @asa-kryst

Curt Keyz + Art of Andoy
– Tip Curt with CashApp: $curtkeyz
– Tip Andoy with Venmo: @artofandoy

Sloan Pearson
– Sloan did not share tip information

Alexa Smith
– Tip Alexa Venmo: @alexansmith01
– Tip Alexa with PayPal: smithans2019@gmail.com

Chanel Blanchett
– Tip Chanel Venmo: @ChanelBlanchett

Carey J. King
– Tip Carey on CashApp: $careyjking
Tip Carey on PayPal

Soulganic + Antoine Williams
– Tip Soulganic PayPal: theband@soulganic.com
Buy Soulganic music on BandCamp & find them on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.
– Tip Antoine with CashApp: $raw8t

Cynthia Allison
Tip Cynthia with PayPal.

Jay Ward – Tip Jay with CashApp: $JuniousWard
– Tip Jay with Venmo: @junious-ward
– Tip Jay with PayPal: @jward2030@carolina.rr.com

Mufuka Works (Elsie Mufuka)
– Tip Elsie with Venmo: $Elsie-Mufuka
– Tip Elsie with CashApp: $ElsieMufuka

de’Angelo Dia & HNin Nie
– de’Angelo & HNin did not share tip information

Sadie Woods
– Tip Sadie with Venmo: @SadieWoods
– Tip Sadie with CashApp: $sadiesoods

Tip the Creatives from Act I

Jason Jett
Cash App: $jasonjet
Paypal: jonesjajj@hotmail.com

Joshua Galloway
CashApp: $thecreativegent

Kurma Murrain
PayPal: kurmapoet
Cash App: $Kurma

Amina Heckstall
PayPal: aminaolu

Jonathan McFadden
Venmo: Jonathan-McFadden-2

Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry
Paypal: areneedowns@gmail.com
Cashapp: $ARDowns

PayPal: voicedtv@gmail.com

Phillip Cherry
Venmo: @Philip-Cherry

Cash App: $mistercutright
PayPal: richardcutright@gmail.com

Yuhas & Dancers
Venmo: @MeredithYuhas
You can make a tax-deductible donation here.

Lady V
Cash app: $LadyVPoetry

PayPal: Poetrybluz@gmail.com
CashApp: $Mrbluz

BOOM 2020 is postponed - but please read on...

Our 5th and biggest yet annual BOOM festival was almost here. Just a week ago we were about to announce the exceptional lineup, including some exciting new partnerships and mediums of art.

But as all of you are all too aware, we live in a new reality now.

Our highest priority right now is the health and vitality of our community -- including our artists and patrons. So we made the very tough decision to postpone BOOM 2020 until further notice, which also includes the Stacey Rose Residency.

However, we will be back soon.

Right now, there are 3 things you could do to make a world of difference to us:

  1. Please contribute...
    It hurts us in so many ways to postpone our largest event of the year so late in the process. The artists were selected, venues booked, permits applied for, marketing materials printed… most of which will need to be done all over again.

    Please donate now to support our ongoing efforts of highlighting the rich and diverse creative brilliance of Charlotte and beyond. That would also help us reemerge from this crisis, better and brighter than before!
  2. We are working on some new ideas… Please stay in touch.
    In the coming weeks we may be all shut in and unable to get together. However, nothing can hold back the creative spirit we all have in overabundance.

    We are exploring various possibilities for us to share the deep and diverse talent who congregate at BOOM. We are also looking at potential collaboration with other organizations to devise ways for all of us to connect with each other virtually -- to maintain that sense of community which we need now, more than ever before.

    Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on programming and opportunities. Also, periodically check here at BOOMCharlotte.org -- where you can also sign up for our mailing list.
  3. We want to hear from you. Share your ideas with us.
    What are some new creative possibilities that come with the new realities?
    How might you like to collaborate?
    What interesting ideas are you hearing from your friends around the world which could be part of BOOM?
    How can we share that creative spark and inspiration, which is going to be so essential for all of us to get through these trying times?

Please let us know here.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding and participation -- truly the inspirational force behind BOOM.

Please stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks... and please stay safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and check in on your neighbors.

We are in this together.

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