Westside Creatives - piece by Katrina Cherry Westside Creatives

Westside Creatives, Piece by Katrina Cherry

BOOM Performance:
Westside Creatives –
“Shouting Space:”
Visual Art

Shouting Space is an open space for you to express yourself by hollering. “Shout about what you hope for or what you’re proud of. Shout about the changes you want to see or the changes you want to be a part of. Yell to release. Raise your voice as loud as you need to.” Write what you want to shout about and weave it into the space.


Helms Jarrell, Hoan Rahlan, Bunny Gregory, and Katrina Cherry, otherwise known as the “West Side Creatives” are exploring collective art making and cooperative economics in an innovative way. One example of a collaborative project the West Side Creatives are working on is: quarterly for one year, each WSC artist will take a turn facilitating the others by teaching their individual process and media. The pieces will be displayed, quarterly, at a local brewery. As a practice of cooperative economics, the artists will split the sales or the pieces evenly among all four artists.

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Showing at: Camp North End Campus
Show Time:
Friday – Sunday, 4/21 – 4/23, All Day