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Umayal Art, Photo by Oxana Erokhina

BOOM Performance:
Umayal Art –
“Kolam – Sacred Ritual Art:” Visual Art

Kolam is a floor art drawn at the threshold, that liminal space where the public and the private spheres of the household meet, collide and meld. It is a reminder of the transient nature of life, and an act of gratitude for one more day of constancy and a somewhat stable routine for women in South India. It is drawn everyday to remind us how interconnected we are with all beings and to show our gratitude to Mother Nature.


Umayal Annamalai is a self-taught mixed media artist, muralist, workshop facilitator and coach. As a visual artist,she has a profound passion for storytelling through her art. She uses her creativity to explore her journey towards self-discovery and to connect with her inner self and the world around her.

Umayal’s creations delve into her life experiences and the transformative journey of healing from childhood trauma. By channeling her suppressed emotions into my artwork, she aims to convey powerful narratives. Using bright and bold colors in her art helped her heal her suppressed emotions and find her authentic voice.

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Showing at: Boileryard
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/28, 12:00 – 3:00pm