SWATS & Sparx SWATS & Omega Sparx

SWATS & Omega Sparx, Photo by SWATS

BOOM Performance:
SWATS & Omega Sparx –
“Unbroken:” Music

From gaming to relatable emotions, SWATS and Omega Sparx are coming ready to bring the house down. Don’t miss this high-energy original music set that is sure to excite and inspire.


SWATS & Omega Sparx come together to form an eclectic fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). These two Charlotte natives have provided world-class production to some of today’s largest entertainment platforms including RoosterTeeth, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Mobile Games and AEW.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Saturday 4/22, 5:50 – 6:25pm