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Join Morgan Gayla on a musical journey through her love life and self exploration with her soulful R&B.


Morgan Gayla is a Charlotte, NC native who began her musical journey through musical theater when she attended Noda School of Arts as a teenager. This program put on musicals through a 6 week theater intensive. Gayla said the director of the Noda School of Arts Program, Kelly Brown, always told us to never let go of our God given talents. This stuck with Gayla all of her life. Although it took her a while to figure out which one of her talents she wanted to perfect, she always knew that she had a duty to create art that will inspire the world.

Before creating the #MorganGaylaBand, Gayla sang with Charlotte’s Hip Hop Orchestrated from 2017-2018. Her first single Free Loving was released in 2018. Gayla stated, “I went into the studio pissed at my boyfriend at the time after finding out he was unfaithful. It’s funny how something so traumatic can turn into a banger.” Her most notable single, “Rock Yo World,” was featured in the Hollywood short film, Offset. Gayla said, “‘Rock Yo World’ is the first of many women empowerment anthems. This track really highlights self worth and knowing that you are always the prize!”

The emerging R&B artist is known for her vulnerable lyrics. Her most recent and very first EP, “Evolution Of Mo” was released in September 2023 along with a music video for the single “Celibatin.” Get a peek of behind the scenes footage on her youtube channel documenting her creative process. With a growing fan base and a unique musical perspective, Morgan Gayla continues to push the boundaries of creativity and self-expression through her music.

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Showing at: Main Stage
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Saturday, 4/27, 3:00 – 3:30pm