MandalasbyAnuja Mandalas by Anuja

Mandalas by Anuja, Photo by Mandalas by Anuja

BOOM Performance:
Mandalas by Anuja –
“The intricacies of a mandala:” Visual Art

Mandalas, intricate geometric patterns that symbolize the universe’s harmony will be an intricate part of this show. Come join Anuja Jain and learn the centuries-old meditative art of mandala making. Anuja will be painting a live vibrant and colorful mandala which will be a representation of her deep-rooted cultural heritage. She would like the festival goers to stop by and learn the intricacies and history of this impactful art form.


Mandalas, ancient symbols of unity and tranquility, serve as a meditative gateway into Anuja’s artistry. What began as a meditative practice swiftly transformed into a method of channeling healing energy through her art. Each stroke of her brush or pen reveals a deep exploration of the art form’s intricacies, techniques, and symbolic significance.

In her hands, a blank canvas ceases to be a mere surface; it becomes a gateway to boundless creativity. Unconfined by conventional mediums, Anuja’s art flows onto a variety of surfaces, reflecting her commitment to innovation and sustainability. Her ability to breathe new life into discarded objects underscores her dedication to merging aesthetics with environmental consciousness.

Yet, Anuja’s art is more than just visually captivating; it carries a narrative that resonates with the soul. Every piece is a chapter in her journey, a message to the observer, a mirror to introspection. Her work has graced prestigious art shows and galleries across the Charlotte Region, solidifying her status as a revered freelance artist.

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Showing at: Ford Building Workshop Space
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/28, 3:00 – 4:30pm