A Plastic Lounge, Hadia Ghandour Inspired Plastics

Inspired Plastics

BOOM Performance:
Inspired Plastics –
“This is not a bench! But you can sit on it:”
Site specific installation, Interactive

Artful benches, tables, planters, etc – All the functional items in this lounge are made from 100% locally discarded and recycled plastic. The colors come from plastic items like detergent bottles, food containers or packaging materials, all meticulously sorted, cleaned, separated, and shredded.

The colors and pieces are mixed and melted in different ways to achieve different effects. The two types of plastic that are used, HDPE (Number 2) and PP (Number 5), are similar but have different properties – that is what makes plastic difficult to recycle. Relax, be still, and notice how much plastic has taken over our lives.


Hadia Ghandour is an environmental consultant, professor, and speaker. She leverages interactive projects to galvanize communities into making long-term behavioral changes for the environment. She teaches Marketing at Charlotte and founded Inspired Plastics – an immersive marketing company that uses recycled plastics to highlight environmental issues.

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Showing at: Ford Building
Show Time:
Friday, 4/26: All Day
Saturday, 4/27: All Day
Sunday, 4/28: All Day