Danielle Neufville Dani Dream Design

Dani Dream Design, Photo by Inquisitive Ike Photography

BOOM Performance:
Dani Dream Design –
“Abstract Illustration” Visual Arts

Participants will engage in an interactive abstract illustration activity where they interpret prompts through personal art creation.They will explore their unique artistic interpretations using various crafting mediums, with their piece contributing to a community canvas.


Danielle Neufville, also known as Dani Dream Design, is a Multidisciplinary Artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dani creates vivid multimedia paintings centered on abstraction, surrealism, geometry, and nature. Additionally, she expanded her artistic repertoire in late 2019 by exploring digital design, further enriching the mediums through which she expresses her creativity.

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Showing at: Ford Building Workshop Space
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/28, 1:00 – 2:30pm