CLT Symphony CLTSymphony X Beatties Ford Strong

CLTSymphony X Beatties Ford Strong

CLTSymphony X Beatties Ford Strong, Photo by Charlotte Symphony

BOOM Performance:

CLTSymphony X Beatties Ford Strong – “On the Corner Of:” Music, Live Paint

An ensemble of musicians from the Charlotte Symphony performs work by a living, relevant composer while local artists use the music as inspiration to live paint in an interactive cross discipline collaboration.


CSO violinist Jenny Topilow and community activist, artist, and educator Ricky Singh have come together to spearhead a project/series that they refer to as “CLTSymphony X Beatties Ford Strong.” The X is intentional – a title that is purposefully connected yet not combined respects each entity as having its own identity and allows for evolvement to encourage further community engagement.

There are so many artistic circles throughout Charlotte that are too often separated by class and race. The purpose of this series is to bring some of those circles together; not for one to overshadow another, not for one to do another a favor, not for one to mold to another, but for local creatives to do what they love all within the same space and with each other as inspiration. We are committed to having many multi-faceted performances throughout Charlotte, through the lens of all art being accessible to all people, and with the ultimate objective of limitless circles overlapping to create a more connected city.

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Showing at: Raceway
Show Time: Saturday, 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Admission is FREE