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BOOM Performance:
Charlotte Cultural Collective –
“The Vernacular:” Dance/Theatre

“The Vernacular” explores how the word ‘vernacular’ was used to describe ‘non-white’ dancing for a long time. Black dance is a combination of various ‘vernaculars’. We all move in our own way and Black people have a diverse range of ‘vernacular’ dance as Black people are not a monolith; and neither is their dancing. We’ll explore various forms of Black dance and where they overlap.


Charlotte Cultural Collective (C3) is a collective of creative movers who use Black dance to tell the stories and experiences of Black individuals through their unique genre called ‘Urban Blends’, founded and directed by Lorraine Crittendon in 2018. C3 is a safe space for adults of all backgrounds and levels of experiences. C3 aims to grow their creatives into independent artists while also sharing the narratives of the Black American.

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Showing at: Beach Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22, 12:15 – 12:25pm