Café Amaretto Café Amaretto

Café Amaretto, Photo by Carlos Baez

BOOM Performance:
Café Amaretto –
“Chilled Latin Music:” Music

The bilingual Latin-American musicians of Café Amaretto will share a range of smooth, uplifting and relaxing Latin-American songs.


Café Amaretto is a music performing group based in Charlotte, North Carolina playing smooth Latin American tunes along with American classics incorporating a unique mixture of jazz, blues and song. Their music goes from jazzy romantic boleros to swingy happy jazz songs. The group is composed of Ana Lucía Divins (vocals), a Colombian-American singer, featured artist of several events and museums across the United States, and Carlos Crespo (guitar), originally from Ecuador, who has led several musical projects exploring and gaining experience in a diverse range of music styles nationally and internationally.

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Showing at: Beach Stage
Show Time:
Friday, 4/21, 6:15 – 6:45pm