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Building Endurance LLC, Alicia Tetteh

BOOM Performance:
Building Endurance LLC –
“Let’s Talk About It:”
Stage Performance

This activation is to make a dent in the ghosting era. It is to help increase healthy communication with the hopes of creating healthy family environments. No one likes to have hard conversations. We will role play what those look like and how to handle them. We will also take volunteer topics from the audience to role play.


Dr. Alicia Tetteh identifies as a change agent. She practices at the intersection of academia and mental health. She is passionate about improving health outcomes of individuals and committed to helping decrease the stigma around mental health. As a creative and entrepreneur, she is always looking for ways to get people intentional around taking care of themselves.

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Showing at: Pergola (at the top of the raceway)
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/28, 2:00 – 3:00pm