BeYou Clubhouse / 904 Vybez BeYou Clubhouse / 904 Vybez

BeYou Clubhouse/904 Vybez, Flyer by KeyyDaDon (Coach Keyy)

BOOM Performance:
BeYou Clubhouse / 904 Vybez –
“Once Upon a Time…:” Dance

Once Upon a Time is a dance about young girls that is dealing with low self-esteem and have no confidence in themselves. Then by the end of the dance you will see that confidence and that esteem.


BeYou clubhouse is a non-profit dance and mentorship program, that prides itself on creating a safe space for young girls and boys. Our program includes journaling, learning self-awareness, mental health and pride in oneself. We also focus on physical health through dance and offer a dance team for those we want to expand their learning.

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Showing at: Main Stage
Show Time:
Saturday 4/27: 3:40 – 3:45pm

Showing at: Corner of Keswick and Camp Rd.(In front of Seamingly Overzealous Ice Cream)
Show Time:
Sunday 4/28 3:45 – 3:50pm