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Asma, Photo by Asma Olajuwon

BOOM Performance:
Asma –
“To Be Black, Woman, and Art:” Spoken Word/Visual Art

“To Be Black, Woman, and Art” is a one of a kind live painting and spoken word show that journeys through the intersectionality of a black woman. Watch a room come alive as there is an emotional connection between painting and performance poetry. This is what happens when the walls can talk. To be Black, Women, and Art is a heartfelt live ekphrastic performance. It is a one-of-a-kind one-woman show where the audience not only gets the opportunity to enjoy spoken word but also gets to witness the creation of paintings. The audience gets to interact and have a hand in creative decisions for the paintings. From a self-portrait to acrylic abstract interpretations of reality, the crowd will get to be introspective in answering questions such as what is the color of your first love, just as a hypothetical example. The show is still structured and follows an intimate storyline of the intersectionality, struggle, and uplifting joys of being a black woman.


Asma is a first-generation Nigerian-American Muslim woman originally from Houston, Texas. She is a painter and poet now based out of Charlotte. North Carolina. She has been an artist for as long as she could remember. Her art is the reflection of the world as she sees it through the lens of intersectionality.

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Showing at: MacFly Fresh
Show Times:
Saturday, 4/22 8:30 – 9:30pm
Sunday, 4/23 4 – 5pm + Post Show Q & A

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