Anuja Jain Anuja Jain

Anuja Jain, Photo by Mandalasbyanuja

BOOM Performance:
Anuja Jain –

Anuja will be creating a mandala art with all festival goers giving them a hands-on experience of the mandala creation process. The artist hopes this will be a therapeutic and meditative art session for all.


Anuja jain is an Indian origin Mandala artist who primarily works in acrylics. Her mandalas are an intersection of traditional mandalas and henna art. In her mandalas she tries to symbolize her own personal universe in abstracted shapes as well as traditional indian motifs. During this amazing journey of self-exploration and expressionism, she has used vivid textures, hues and materials. She feels like she is not just bound to any specific medium/surface, rather anything with a blank space becomes her canvas.

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Showing at: Pop-Up Location
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22, 12:45 – 1:45pm