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BOOM Performance:
Ali Steele –
“I can only be me:” Music

Performing new music from the project “I can only be me.”


Ali Steele, singer / songwriter business owner of ethnicbyali and 1/3 of Issa vibe adventures was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He was subject to bullying for the color of his skin at a very young age. This caused him to write. He became a songwriter at the fairly young age of 14. At that age, he knew he had a gift. He eventually produced a published record.

2017 Ali Steele-raw composed of life experience throughout the African diaspora As he got older, he became exposed to different artists and public figures such as Erykah Badu and Dr. Llaila Afrika that showed himself love and acceptance. He became engulfed in learning African roots, traditions as well as strong pride for the color of his skin. This newfound love of himself motivated him As Ali continued to morph into a man, he started yearning to learn more about nature and wanted to learn more about ancestry and self love. He created song is titled, “No Care”. It can be found on iTunes and YouTube.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22, 2:10 – 2:50pm