Airing Out the "Dirty" Laundry Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry

Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry

BOOM Performance:
Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry:
Visual Art

All are invited to engage with the installation of women’s stories by lifting, revealing, and uncovering the stories underneath. Throughout the festival on Saturday, everyone is also invited to share their story on a postcard by responding to one of the prompts provided on the clipboards under the umbrella clothesline. Please use the clothespins provided to join your story together with the others. You can identify yourself however you choose, or remain anonymous and you are certainly welcome to snap a photo of your story, tag @womenslaundry and post it on Instagram.


We all have a story to tell.

Some of us live much of our lives feeling invisible–unseen and unheard.

We are not alone.

In February 2018, multidisciplinary visual artist and art educator, Andrea Downs began inviting women to participate in Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry–an ongoing and participatory community art movement that responds to the silencing of women by creating opportunities for all women to share their experiences through visual storytelling. The initiative serves as an amplifier for women’s voices, a call to gather together to listen and to be heard, and an opportunity to foster love and understanding that resists hate and injustice.

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Showing at: Boileryard Tent
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22, 12:00 – 7:00pm