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Wingspan Dance: Modern Dance

Wingspan Dance a modern dance company based in Charlotte where they enjoy making dance accessible to audiences to see and feel.

Wingspan Dance’s goal is to bridge the gaps in life and art. Whether it be between dance styles, ideas, people, and content. They strive to create authentic work for themselves by using research, discussion, perhaps collaboration, and perfecting their dance skills. Wingspan Dance looks to be a little out of the box.

Wingspan Dance performance of “Mechanics” will be a re-working of an older piece done in 2012. This version will be audience interactive as well as site specific. Mechanics is made from the idea of a broken system in community. A system that sort of works but doesn’t work as smoothly or as connected as it could. This piece will have distinct interactions and costuming.

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Performing (in the grassy area) near: Pizza Peel
(1600 Central Ave)
Show Time:
Saturday, April 21
1:00 – 1:30pm
Admission is FREE