Welcome to Plaza Midwood!

The BOOM festival takes place in the heart of Charlotte’s historic and funky Plaza Midwood neighborhood. Our “Fringe” performances are within a short walk of each other at Petra’s Bar, Snug Harbor, Open Door Studios, Rabbit Hole and Coaltrane’s. Be sure to check out BOOM STREETS, art performances and installations on the street corners on Saturday 4/18 and literally spilling over into the streets on Sunday 4/19 when we collaborate with Open Streets 704. Our outdoor stage, hang out area and epicenter of BOOM is called the INTERSECTION (1920 Commonwealth Ave.), which is located across the street from the venues and offers free performances and activities all three days. 


2019 BOOM Festival Map


Intersection Stage

Intersection Stage
1920 Commonwealth Ave.

Open Door Studios

Open Door Studios
1318-D Central Ave.

Petra's Bar

Petra’s Bar
1919 Commonwealth Ave.

Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor
1228 Gordon St.


1518 Central Ave.

The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole
1801 Commonwealth Ave,


Parking for BOOM:

Parking in Plaza Midwood is often a challenge and this weekend is guaranteed to be packed with festival goers.

We recommend:

  • Practice backing into weird diagonal parking spaces in advance
  • Arrive early
  • Skip the gym and let your walk be your daily work out (it’ll be worth it)

Additional Information:

  • CENTRAL SQUARE BUSINESS PARK / 1318 Central Ave. Charlotte NC 28205 (the parking lot with the CVS and Bistro LaBon) is only available to businesses inside the Business Park- so if you’re headed to Open Door Studios to see a show then park here by all means, otherwise find another spot.
  • SUNDAY Road Closures: BOOM is partnering with Open Streets 704, which means that the roads will be closed Sunday (4/19) from 11pm-6pm. Commonwealth Ave. between Pecan St. and Thomas Ave. as well as Thomas Ave. to Central Ave. will be closed. Please plan travel and parking accordingly. You can find the exact route of road closures here: openstreets704.com/route/