Project Tells Stories From The Pandemic, In Graphic Novel Style

WFAE Morning Edition says BOOM Project Tells Stories From The Pandemic, In Graphic Novel Style.  Here’s an excerpt:


Project Tells Stories From the Pandemic in Graphic Novel Style

Published November 11, 2020
by David Boraks

A group of news outlets in Charlotte is trying out a new way to present the news — in the form of a comic book or graphic novel.

The Charlotte Journalism Collaborative is releasing new chapters every two weeks in a project called “Pandemic” that tells stories about how COVID-19 affects people’s health, work and personal finances. It’s one of the first efforts of its kind in the nation that pairs news reporters with artists. .

Project: Pandemic Graphic Novel

BOOM Pandemic Graphic Novel

“The reporters, the publishers, all of our partners started really thinking creatively around how can we tell these stories in a different way?” said Chris Rudisill, the collaborative’s director. “How can we reach new audiences that we’re not typically reaching through, you know, they’re not your typical news reader or news watcher, or listener? How can we reach them and provide this information that’s vital to health and safety?”


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