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Umayal Art, Photo by Lakshmanan Krishnan

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Umayal Art –
“Kolam – Sacred Geometry:” Visual Art

Kolams are traditionally drawn on the floor outside the house with rice flour as a sign of welcome to all beings. It is a sacred ritual art and tradition followed by our ancestors to be in tune with nature and to show our gratitude to Mother Nature. It is a sacred geometry with dots and lines that represent our infinite nature and our infinite potential to become limitless, when we embody our oneness.

Crossing the threshold is an important event in south India. When we enter a space we have to embody our infinite (limitless being)self. To remind us of our infinite possibilities and union of the masculine and feminine energy to embody the light of who we are, they used to draw kolams outside the entrance of the house.

Sometimes the designs are one continuous line that loops over itself, snaking to infinity. Intersecting into infinite figure eights, in a style known as nelli kolam. In this way it’s more than a transient art, they are a conscious science.

Everything around us is energy and it moves in patterns and rhythms when we are in sync with the rhythms and patterns in nature we can liberate ourselves.


Umayal Annamalai is a self-taught mixed media expressionist and an embodied story teller. She uses her creativity to explore her journey towards self-discovery and to connect with her inner self and the world around her.

Her art is a reflection of her life experiences, which she transforms into beauty and grace to heal herself and others. She employs bright and bold colors to help people heal their suppressed negative emotions and find their voice.

Growing up in India, Umayal was influenced by the vibrant colors and rich cultural heritage of her surroundings. She draws inspiration from her ancestral practice of Kolam, a sacred ritual and devotional art that connects her with Mother Nature and helps her stay grounded.

Umayal believes that art and science are interconnected and uses her creativity to explore the relationship between the two.

As an artist, Umayal’s vision is to tell stories that help heal the past and promote a more loving future. She sees her art as a tool for promoting awareness, healing, connection and oneness.

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Showing at: Visual Art Booth
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/23, 2:00 – 3:00pm