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BOOM Performance: “Stacey Rose”

Stacey Rose and Zion “No!z” Rose : Theatre, Music

TRAPT, part fable and part documentary theatre, explores the world of trap music, its artists and its culture. Inspired by the events surrounding the legal woes of sound cloud rapper “Tay K 47,” TRAPT seeks to understand the motivation behind the music, the infamy that propels its biggest stars toward success and the reasons why America loves it so much.

TRAPT originated in the countless, cross-generational discussions about hip hop that the artists had, in particular, how self-destructive today’s artists can be in the pursuit of fame. Expect to experience hard beats, dope storytelling and a fresh perspective on what trap* music is.


* Trap music is known for its ominous and often bleak, gritty vocals and lyrical content. Typical lyrical themes include general life and slang culture in the “trap” or in the actual Southern “trap house” where narcotics are sold. Trap music is a style of rap music that originates from Atlanta, as coined by Atlanta rapper T.I.


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Performance date(s) and time(s) will be announced in March, 2020.